Monday, March 23, 2009

Where Does He Learn These Things?

I had some left over supplies from a tissue paper flower craft I put together for our playgroup, and since Laurence doesn't get to participate very often in the things I plan (because of school), yesterday I asked him if he wanted to make one.  We worked together to create his masterpiece and then he said he wanted to make another one, just for Loic (awww, right?).  He did most of it on his own and then proudly presented it to his little brother.  Loic said "Dee do (thank you)" and walked around holding it for a while.  Then, like a normal almost-20-month-old, his curiosity got the best of him and Laurence caught him pulling off some of the tissue paper.  "Loic!" he exclaimed, "Don't do that!  I made that for you."  Sadder now, "Give it back to don't even deserve it."  

Have I said that?  When did I say that?  Must have been someone else.

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