Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On Teeth (and Tomatoes)

Time for another rewind.  For whatever reason, there's been no fresh material around here for a few days.  Perhaps it's because I've been coming down with a cold and just don't see the humor in everyday life as much as I normally do, or perhaps 3 days of dreary, cold, damp weather has gotten the best of my boys and they are just not themselves.  Anyway, I know I could use a good laugh, so what better way than to re-tell one of my favorite, yet most embarrassing, moments as a mom.

Let me start by saying that Laurence talks a lot.  Nearly non-stop, and to the point where it exhausts me, almost daily.  Those of you that know him will not disagree.  Anyway, this particular day we were at a local grocery store, at the check-out.  Laurence had just turned 4.  I was emptying the groceries onto the conveyer belt and was enjoying a few rare moments in my own little world.  Something had caught Laurence's attention and rendered him speechless.  As I approached the little debit card machine my moment was over when Laurence announced, "Hmm, looks like SOMEBODY lost some teeth."  I look at him, then slowly turn and there she is.  The checkout lady, smiling a sweet, yet nearly toothless smile.  Oh good lord, what do I do?  Do I say anything?  Ignore him and risk him repeating himself?  Maybe she didn't hear him.  Yep, I'm going with that.  By this time I'm sure I'm every bit as red as the tomatoes I'm about to purchase, but I keep my cool.  "Where are your teeth?" Laurence suddenly blurts out.  I turn even more red.  "You were right," she replies.  "I did lose them."  Apparently he's satisfied with that answer, and the conversation ends.  Phew.  "Have a nice day!" I say as she hands me my receipt and we're already in motion.  At least I think that's what I said.  Who knows?  We got out of there before she could even respond.

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  1. This story may always be my favorite Laurence story. I can easily hear his little charming voice...