Monday, March 9, 2009

Poultry, or...?

I love misunderstandings.  Anytime, anywhere....take 7:30 this morning in my kitchen, for instance.  We were finishing up breakfast and Laurence says, "What's cock?"  My mind first went...oh, you know.  Anyway, I kept my composure and thought (hoped) this must be another "poultry" question (see my very first post - February 7th).  "A cock," I began, "is a man chick..." but was interrupted by Laurence, "Like glue or something?"  "Oh!" said I, "you mean 'caulk!'"  "Yeessss, caulk.  They said putting it on can be pretty messy, but you can buy 3 tools to keep it neat when you use it, AND you get a 4th tool to remove the old caulk....for free!"  Ah, yes.  The miracle 3-in-one caulk tool currently being advertised on the DIY network.  Have you seen the thing?  Every handyman should have one.  It's incredible.  Even Laurence thinks so.

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