Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When I Grow Up, I Shall be a Groomsman

This past Saturday I was wrapping a gift with three sets of little-boy eyes glued to my every move.

"Who's the present for, Mom?" One of the little boys asked.

"Erin."  I replied.  "I'm going to her baby shower today."

"What's a baby shower?" Loic wanted to know.  I was about to answer when Laurence, who knows-it-all, said, "It's when they give a baby it's first bath, of course."  Loic thought that sounded like an absolutely silly reason for a party, so I explained that this is not true, and that baby showers often happen before the baby is even born (not sure why I thought that part was necessary to say, but whatever  - I often have to defend myself in a discussion with Laurence, so there you go).  I said that instead, I think it's called a "shower" because the mom-to-be gets showered with gifts, and that there are also bridal showers, before someone gets married.

"That reminds me..." Laurence said, "When will I ever get to be a groomsman?"  (Who thinks about this stuff at 9?!)

"Well, most people aren't groomsmen until they're much older, and you will be one if a close friend ever gets married and asks you to be one.  Chances are that you'll be one when your brothers get married, too."

"WHAT?!"  He was distraught.  I assumed he was thinking that was a LONG way off, and that he should not have to wait however-many-years for this important life experience of which so far he has been deprived.  "I mean, when Loic & Alastair get married....that's....well....I just think they would make an awful couple!"

Now for that I have no argument.