Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Child's Sense of Time

Let me introduce you to our newest family member, Anderson's Silber Hund Fraulein Eimer.  That'll be her official AKC name, the registration and the "Anderson" being required by the breeder.  We'll call her "Eimer."  As we poured through about 75 names, Bill suggested "Bucket."  It was definitely high on the list, but we wanted something German, thus "Eimer," German for bucket.  Anderson's Silver Dog Miss Bucket.  Has a nice ring, don't you think?  

Eimer is a Weimaraner.  She was 10 weeks old on Sunday, the day we brought her home.  She is slowly getting used to her new pack & surroundings.  She has warmed up to me quickly, but is still a bit nervous with Bill, and certainly with Laurence & Loic.  She's quite unsure about these little people!  I am impressed with how they've been with her, though.  Soon the 3 of them will be best of friends.

By yesterday afternoon I could sense Laurence's frustration with Eimer still being unsure about him.  At one point he said, "Is she EVER going to like me?  She's already been here 3 weeks!"  I think it had been 19 hours since we walked thru the door.  

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  1. Beautiful dog! I love that breed. How sweet.

    Eliza is the same way about time. She told me the other day that her dolls were going to sleep all night. "That's a half hour, right?"
    Umm--thankfully, no.