Monday, April 20, 2009

Santa's Native Language

Out of the blue today Laurence asks, "What do they speak in Spain?"  I said, "They speak Spanish there."  "What about Brazil?" he asked.  "Their language is Portugese," I responded.  "Oh...well, what do they say at the North Pole?"  Oh boy!  I was about to say something about Santa speaking all of the languages, thinking if I didn't he'd ask how Santa reads all the kids' letters.  But then I thought that seemed too far-fetched for the big guy in the red suit.  So, just as I was about to say that Santa's elves are not only handy but speak a variety of languages and are very good interpreters, Laurence pipes up and says, "They say 'Ho, ho, ho!'"  Of course that's what they SAY!  Who could argue with that?

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  1. i love your postings!!!
    it's so true, that we adults are so complicated and while thinking how to explain, kids find an answer, they are happy with and we never could have found.