Saturday, April 11, 2009

His Gears were Turning

I was in the shower yesterday morning while Loic was happily playing in the Pack 'n Play in the bathroom.  Well, playing AND pooping, apparently.  Wow, can that boy stink up a room!  Anyway, I dried off, threw on some clothes, and called to Laurence to bring me a diaper from the living room.  I thanked him and said something like, "We should keep some diapers in here," then proceeded to change Loic.  While I was drying my hair Loic wandered in & out as usual, opening and closing the vanity drawers each time (also a daily occurrence - emptying the drawers, filling the drawers, emptying, filling, etc.).  I thought nothing of it until he said "Mommy!  Bipe!"  (That's what he calls diapers.)  I looked at him and he pointed, clearly pleased with himself, to the bottom drawer, now overflowing with size 5 Huggies Natural Fits.  Ah ha!  By "Mommy!  Bipe!" he meant, "Mommy, you told Laurence we should keep some diapers in here, so why don't we?  This drawer is the perfect spot, so I brought several from the living room to put in it."  Little minds amaze me.  Not only had he comprehended what I said to his brother, he had the problem-solving skills to come up with a solution and the follow-thru to act upon it.  I must say that I find his initiative rather inspiring.  Good work, Little Man.

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  1. a thinking man - can we arrange something for one of my 3 daughters please :-)
    happy easter sunday, ursula