Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Difference between Boys & Girls

Warning:  Contains material some may consider x-rated.  I chalk it up to a child's innocence and curiosity.  Either way, if you don't appreciate body-part humor, read no further. 

Laurence was in the bath Sunday night and asks, "Mommy, tell me again why your peeps is inside out?"  Yes, we've discussed this subject once or twice, but the "inside-out" description is new!  I said, "Well, girls and boys have different parts, that's the way we're made."  He thought for a while and said, "And when girls grow up to be adults, they grow hair there, right?"  I explained that teenage boys & girls both grow hair there, and he wondered why.  "For protection," I said.  "Oh," he said, and paused, "and little boys & girls don't need protection because we wear underwear!"