Friday, May 15, 2009

You Fill in the Blank

On the way home from school yesterday Laurence was reading a sheet the teacher sent home about their year-end carnival.  He read the date, the time, what types of activities there wil be, etc.  Then he tells me there are some parts I'll need to fill out. "Like the number attending, OR I will be unable to attend with my..........sugar cookie."  I said, "Are you sure that's what it says?  It doesn't say 'I will be unable to attend with my child?"  "Nope," he says.  I repeat, "It doesn't say 'child?'"  Oh, well, yes, but waaaaay underneath.  There's a big space and you have to fill it in, like with 'chocolate chip' or 'sugar.'  I will be unable to attend with my.......cookie."  I've gotta see for myself, so I ask him to hand me the paper, and here's part of what we need to fill out at the bottom:

___ I can provide __ dozen bars or 
___ I will be unable to attend with my cookie

I know it's dangerous to read while you drive -- and even more dangerous to read AND laugh while you drive, but it was worth it!  The moment almost made me get over the fact that they left an "s" off of "cookie."  Almost.  


  1. Well described Jan! That Laurence. He's smarter than the folks who designed the flyer.

  2. I can see why he would think that. Very tricky... but funny!