Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Go to Your Safe Place

Today was Part 2 of kindergarten orientation.  Part 1 was a couple of weeks ago, and was just for parents to provide an overview of the school and what kindergarten is all about.  (It's true that it's no longer all about playing, by the way.)  Anyway, this afternoon Laurence & I went together.  He was quite excited about it all morning, and couldn't stop talking about it all the way to the school.  Things changed drastically the moment we walked thru the doors, however.  Laurence clammed up and his face lost all expression.  That is, until the tears started.  Poor kid was terrified.  He would not let go of my hand, and certainly wanted no part of lining up with the other to-be kindergarteners who were getting ready to tour the classrooms.  The plan was for the kids to spend an hour with the teachers, and the parents to meet with the principal to talk about important adult stuff.  Instead I tagged along with the kids & teachers.  Better to make it a positive experience for Laurence than to have him fear everything kindergarten, the teacher said.  I agreed.  He did rather well during the classroom visit, and by the end was feeling quite comfortable.  He even told the teacher as we congregated with the other parents, "I wish I could stay!"  

He will be fine.  Of that I am certain.  He just takes extra time to warm up to any new experience...because he thinks too much, I believe.  And he still needs his mom most every step of the way.  That became even more clear this evening when we were messing around in the kitchen and Laurence walked over to me, shoved his face in my belly and said what sounded like, "E woth e vemaollo etca eoge stel mdar."  He said it a few more times, we giggled, but I finally got him to repeat himself clearly, "I wish I could be in your belly because it's safe in there."  Seems like not long ago he was in my belly, but now in just a few months he'll be off to the big scary world of kindergarten.  And I have to let him go.  I will be fine.  Of that I'm certain. 

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  1. Wow Jan! That is such a sweet story. It's hard to be going off to kindergarten and hard to be sending your child off to kindergarten too. We can do it, right. Off to go have a nice little cry :)