Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm Trying to Find Some Humor... Eimer eating a dead bird on Monday.  I'm trying to find some humor in the bagger woman at the grocery store reprimanding me for allowing Laurence to assist me using the debit card on Tuesday.   I'm trying to find humor in the woodpecker turned feral cat that may possibly have taken up residence in our chimney yesterday.  And today, TODAY I'm trying to find humor in Eimer pooping on the stairs & ripping half the cover off of a book that belongs to a friend, and Loic demonstrating his ability to climb out of the Pack 'n Play (where until now he's happily played while I'm in the shower), then dumping a bowl of pasta & tomato sauce all over the floor (though the two incidents are unrelated).  

Those who know me would say I can find humor in many situations, it's true.  That's what this blog's mostly about right?  So here goes....there's my friend who reminded me that it's not like the the bird was an emu, it was just a little, tiny goldfinch (this happens to be the same friend that loaned me the book -- I hope she can find humor in that, too).  There's the fact that the bagger woman at the grocery store called my debit card a "charge plate."  And there was the scene after one of the incidents this morning -- Laurence using all of his power to drag Eimer to her cage so she wouldn't continue gulp down the pasta & sauce, then saying, "Phew!  I'm glad I'm not a part of their tag team because I don't want to drive you up the wall!"  Cute, right?  Funny, right?  The chimney resident, Pack 'n Play and poop, however....definitely NOT cute or least not so far.  

So that's a glimpse of what my week's been like until now.  But top it off with playing games with friends, good food, a nice long dog walk, lots of sunshine, interesting and though-provoking conversations & plenty of laughs and it's shaping up to be a great week.  I have so much to be thankful for and I have to look back at those other incidents and chuckle.  

I generally end each post with a silly Laurencism or otherism to hopefully spread some laughter, but as I sit here and recall for you my silly little challenges this week, I'm feeling a little somber because right beside my every thought are Bill's sister & her family who were evacuated from their home in Santa Barbara yesterday because of the threatening and encroaching fires.  Scary and very serious stuff.  Whether you pray, think positively or meditate, please take a moment to do it for this family that is very dear to me, as well as the others there and around the world who are facing real challenges this week.  

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