Sunday, October 9, 2016

Preparation of a Gourmet (Leftover) Meal

The 9-year-old was anxious to eat lunch before the rest of us, so I said he could heat up some leftovers in the oven. 

"But I don't know how to do THAT! You'll have to do it for me."

"How about I walk you through it? It's very simple."

"Okay, I guess I can try it."

"First, hit the 'Broil' button on the oven." He hit the broil button on the oven. "Then get a flat pan out of the cabinet." He got a flat pan out of the cabinet. "Now, for easier clean up I like to use a piece of foil, so get th---" 

"MOM! This takes so long! How do you manage to cook dinner every night?!"

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