Wednesday, December 7, 2011

North Pole Hierarchy

St. Nick's ears have surely been ringing over the past several days.  Everywhere I turn -- our house, Facebook, talking with friends -- he and his day (and/or night) have been the hot topic.  We didn't "do" St. Nick growing up, and in fact I'd never heard of it until I moved to Wisconsin and started having kids.  My husband's family observed way-back-when, so we decided once Laurence was in school and we felt the added pressure of many kids & their families celebrating, that we'd jump on the bandsleigh.

For the first couple of years for Laurence, St. Nick was all about the gift & candy.  This year he & his friends are discussing more about the man himself.  I cringe with every story he brings home, worrying that the combination of St. Nick & Santa Claus might finally be what makes him realize that this is all just too far-fetched to be real.  But I have faith that he wants to believe in the magic, so perhaps we're safe for another year or two.

Anyway, last night we were in the car and he said that he & his friends at school were trying to figure out just who St. Nick is.  Where does he live?  Does he bring presents to everyone all in one night, like Santa does, or does he spread out deliveries over a few days?  Are he & Santa the same guy?  To this question, some say yes, apparently, others insist no.  One of his buddy's argument for the latter is that they can't possibly be the same guy, because Santa is pretty old, and St. Nick is only 21.  Laurence's logic then comes into play, "Mom, I know for sure they're not the same person.  St. Nick comes to make sure we've been good all year and then lets Santa know which kids he can bring presents to on Christmas.  He's Santa's supervisor."  Takes a little pressure off of Mr. Claus, hey?  Here all this time I thought he was making the list, checking it twice, and all that other behind-the-scenes managerial stuff.  Turns out he just gets to be the fun guy!    

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