Sunday, November 8, 2009

What He Really Means to Say

Last weekend we dealt with a bit of a stomach bug in our house, but luckily only Loic really "dealt" with it. Unfortunately it started at a friend's house on Saturday night, creating an embarrassing and rather disgusting mess. Thank goodness for understanding friends with kids! The experience left quite an impression on Loic, for during the 3 days following the episode, at various times he would suddenly remember and, looking quite fretful, utter, "Icky throw up Babby's house!?" With a bit of reassurance that all is forgiven, he would go about his business, and he seems to have since forgotten all about it.

The morning after the spew-a-thon has clearly not escaped him, however. Upon waking Sunday morning (at 5:15, thanks to the time change) he was feeling pretty rotten so I did the only thing that seemed fitting. "You're a little sick," I said, and asked, "Want to take a bath?" He did of course, and perked up quite a bit. Luckily he was feeling almost back to normal by lunchtime that day, but that hasn't stopped him from using his short-lived condition in attempt to jump into another tub-full of bubbles every morning since, before 6 a.m. (no, somehow we still don't seem to be over the time change). It may seem like this would get old, but you see Loic is learning proper usage of pronouns ("I" vs. "my," for example), and has trouble with certain sounds, like many 2-year-olds do, substituting "d's" for "s's" in his case. So while what he's trying to yell each morning to wake me at 5:45 is, "I'm a little sick and I want to take a bath," imagine my grin from ear to ear when what comes out instead is, "My little dick...take bath!" No, this doesn't win him a bath each morning, but it does make it a little easier to get out of bed...of course I can't wait to hear what he attempts to say next.

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