Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'll Have an Egg...Hold the Pan!?!

Much as I'd like to block out Loic's eating habits of late, I've decided they are too strange not to share in writing, and save for some future occasion when I need a good...reminder of how "Icky" he can really be. I've said it before -- this kid will eat anything I put in front of him. And then some. His hearty appetite, adventurous spirit, and unfathomable gymnastic skills are together enough to make any sane mother lose it. Good thing I already lost it a long time ago.

Loic's experimenting goes well beyond the concoctions he creates on his plate or in his bowl, consisting of every food & drink given to him at any meal. Although those are worth mentioning, too. I've heard or read some parenting rule about not letting your kids play with their food, but the thing is, he actually eats the stuff after it's all together. Might be orange juice in his oatmeal, or applesauce in his spaghetti with meatballs, milk in his green beans -- all delicious. Ah, but any mom would tell you this type of thing is nothing unusual, I know.

But that's not really what this post is about. The questionable foods I'm speaking of all make their way to his mouth by his own gathering process. The kid is resourceful, that's for sure. Take Sunday, for example, when during the 1-minute ride home from the grocery store, Loic somehow managed to get the eggs out of the grocery bag and had one halfway in his mouth prepared to take a bite when I opened the door to get him out of his seat. Of course I said the only logical thing one would say in this situation, "Don't bite that egg! Don't you know what a mess that would make all over the car?" (Come to think of it, there's another rule about consuming raw egg, isn't there?) Then there was the other day when he made his way up into the refrigerator and got down the butter, removed the lid, and ate a few fingers-full before I caught him. He's started answering me before I even ask, "What are you doing?" because he's knows it's coming. "Mmm, Icky like butter!" Not sure where I was then -- perhaps just at the sink, 8 or so feet away with my back to him. He's sneaky...and quiet! And of course I have to mention last week when I took 45 seconds to visit the bathroom, came into the kitchen and found Loic standing on the counter, a bottle of oregano in hand. "Oh, Loic!" I sighed, while rushing over to get him down, expecting to see a nice pile of oregano on the counter. "Eccchhh!" he replied, sticking out his tongue, which was covered in the dried green leafy spice. I couldn't believe it! I've finally discovered something he doesn't like. And looking back, I'm wondering what kind of parent I am...for not grabbing the camera to take a picture before I wiped his tongue clean with a wet paper towel. Ah, well, next time. Oh, there WILL be plenty of next times, don't worry.

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