Monday, February 23, 2009

Them Strawberries

I'd like to thank my eldest for today's post and eliminating my worry that it would be weeks before I'd have something worthy of sharing.  I should have known better!

The scene: snack time at our house.  Laurence is perched on his stool at the kitchen counter, drooling over the snack of choice, Multi Grain Cheerios.  He asks if we have some fruit to have cut up in his cereal, so I open the fridge and he spots the strawberries.  "I'd like some of them strawberries, please!"  I cringe.  Yikes.  I have taught him better than this, right?  My mind's working quickly, coming up with how best to correct him without allowing my blatant disappointment to show through.  As I turn I see his sly grin...."I know, THOSE strawberries.  Just kidding, Mom!"  Whew!  "Good one, Laurence," I say....wondering how I ever got this lucky.

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