Tuesday, August 30, 2011

National, State & Local Level

This morning we were running some last minute errands before school starts and I decided to take the boys to the China Buffet for lunch (please don't tell my friends at the Panda House - they'd think I'm a traitor).  I don't normally like Chinese buffets, but this was pretty decent (not as good as the Panda House, though) and really cheap - all four of us ate for under $13!  Anyway, I was really cherishing our lunch together, realizing that soon our schedule will be completely different with school starting - Laurence will be gone all day and most days lunch will be a rush in order to get Loic on the bus at noon for afternoon 4K.

Anyway, we covered some important topics, such as why dragons aren't considered scary & evil in China, why paper lanterns aren't the same thing as balloons, how the Egg Drop Soup isn't as good as the soup at the Panda House, how some chicken wings actually look like little chicken legs, etc.  It was all very enjoyable until...

Laurence decided it was time to discuss politics.  And had questions about politics.  To know me is to know this is a problem.  Not only do I not particularly like discussing politics, but I am not very knowledgeable on this topic.  Sad that a few questions from my almost 2nd-grader could actually make me a bit nervous.  He started it with, "Does Wisconsin have a government?"  Tempted to just say "no," thinking I probably wouldn't have been far off just seemed wrong, so I said, "Yes, each state has a governor, senators, State Representatives, and other officials that have a say in both state and national issues."  Then he asked who decides stuff about Green Bay, and I went on to explain that we have a local government that includes people elected to office, like our mayor.  "Maybe you've heard his name - Jim Schmitt," I said.  "Oh, yes!  Jim Schmitt.  Of course I know who he is.  That must be where that song comes from."  Now I'm puzzled..."what song is that?"  His reply was confident, "John Jacob Jimbleheimer Schmitt -- 'Jim' must just be his nickname."

Maybe politics aren't so scary after all.

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  1. Bwahahahahahaha! You didn't tell me there was such luncheon entertainment!!!!! John Jacob Jimbleheimer Schmitt, his name is my name too.....