Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Laurence finished kindergarten on Tuesday and he was asking if he would get to see any of his friends over the summer. I assured him we'd get to see at least one or two, whose moms I know, but the others I wasn't sure. He asked, "Well....what about my girlfriend?" I knew he had a "girlfriend" because he'd mentioned her a few times, so this came as no surprise to me. I said I didn't think so, unless we happened to run into her somewhere, because I don't even know her mom's name, phone number, or where they live. Then I said, "Come to think of it, I don't even remember your girlfriend's name. What is it again?" (I actually did, but wanted to see if he & the same girl were still an item!) He hesitated, then said slowly, "Catherine*...WHY?! Are you going to put it on Facebook?" I chuckled, but the look on his face told me this was no laughing matter, so I straightened up and said, "No, of course not." Funny that he's six and uses the word 'Facebook' and (thinks he) understands what Facebook is. Good thing he never mentioned NOT putting it on my blog...

*Note: Name has been changed to protect Laurence & "Catherine's" privacy! (Plus I remembered once I published this post that this blog is linked to Facebook, and my conscious got the best of me.)

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