Monday, May 10, 2010

Machine Wash Cold

Laurence found a dryer sheet sticking out from between the sofa cushions today. He thought it was a Color Catcher that didn't catch any color. My explanation of what it really was and what it was for sparked quite a conversation about laundry. Woo hoo. Anyway, at one point he said he'd heard that if you wash clothes with hot water, or dry them with hot air, they can shrink, and wanted to know if that was true. Who else does he discuss laundry with? Anyway, I told him it was, and explained that certain fabrics shrink easily, some not so easily, and some not at all. He said, "So clothes really CAN shrink? Are you sure?" (He's really been questioning my knowledge on a variety of topics....ok ALL topics, lately. He's 6 and already thinks he knows it all. Great.) I assured him that yes, shrinkage happens. He said, "But does it happen to REAL people?" Apparently it must happen to the fake people he knows? They must be the ones telling him this stuff. Next time he questions me, perhaps I'll send him to them for the answers.

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