Monday, June 1, 2009

O Lilac, My Lilac

I absolutely love lilacs.  I look forward to them all year, and enjoy every moment of their short bloom-span each May.  I grew up with a row of them between our house and the neighbors' and though I took them for granted I do think they laid the foundation for my healthy obsession.  When we moved into this house I was thrilled to discover there was one in our yard.  We'd never planted any at either of our other houses because we tend to move around so much, and lilacs take a long time to become established.  Anyway, this year was an especially good year for our bush.  I could tell early on that it would have plenty of blooms, and when it was finally full I was amazed.  It was gorgeous.  And it lasted two days.  That's right.  Only two days before the torrential rain stripped every last beautiful flower.  I felt robbed.  What a waste, huh?

Anyway, today we were in the yard and the boys were playing in the "woods" next to our yard that I've mentioned before (see "What is that, Velcro?").  Loic kept bringing me leaves, which he calls flowers, and Laurence decided to get in on the action.  He comes walking up, hands behind his back, and says, "I have a very special surprise for you."  He brings one hand up in front of me, and there between his thumb and forefinger are 3 tiny purple wildflowers.  He says, "Here.  These are to remind you of your lilac.  I know how much you miss it."  Ohh!  His thoughtfulness overwhelms.  If not for that rain we would not have shared that very special moment, and I would not be re-telling it here now because I want never to forget it...

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